How to Make Decal Stickers

Decals are gaining popularity in the world of custom designing and advertising. The surge is due to the decals’ ability to stay around for longer than conventional advertising mediums such as flyers, postcards, or posters. 

Decals are essentially decorative stickers that are typically used outdoors. The stickers are created from the decal sandwiched between a front and back paper. These handy stickers offer various uses, from organizational labeling to arts and crafts and design tools. 

You can create your decal stickers at home using a few basic tools. This guide has you covered whether you intend to sell decals or experiment with your creativity. The article covers all you need about decal stickers, including how to personalize your designs to create stunning stickers.

Way to Make Decal Stickers

Way to Make Decal Stickers

What Equipment Do You Need?

Decal stickers are simple to create if you have the proper materials and equipment. Below are the necessary tools and materials you will require for a hassle-free experience:

  • Inkjet printer – You will need a color inkjet printer and printable vinyl for designs with contrasting colors.
  • Designing software – Depending on your preference, get a design tool to create a custom design.
  • Sharp cutting tool – To cut out your decal sticker, you will require a sharp cutting tool, preferably an X-Acto knife or scissors.
  • Application tool – This is a solid, straight edge for burnishing vinyl and setting it in place.

How to Make Custom Decals?

Once you have all the necessary material and equipment for making decal stickers, you are ready to start. There are various methods for creating your decals; the approach you pick relies on how much energy and cash you intend to invest in the project and your level of proficiency with picture editing or design software. Below are the steps you need to follow when making a decal with a computer and printer:

Step 1: Create Your Design

For spectacular design concepts, check out other decal sticker designs. Run an internet search for decal stickers and note what you like and dislike about the various designs you come across. Look for stickers that match your needs for inspiration.

Sketch your design on paper after deciding how it should appear. Don’t stress about capturing every single detail. You only want to obtain a general sense of how your design would look before attempting to create it on your design software.

Finally, use your image designing or editing tool to create your design on a computer. Typically, free picture editors and illustrating software can be an excellent fit for this step. Recreate your drawn design by employing your software’s sketching and editing features. Alternatively, you can scan and upload your original sketch and proceed. When creating a colorful design, consider using solid and brilliant hues that stand out when printed.

Step 2: Print Out Your Design

Once you are satisfied with your decal sticker design, it is time to print it out. Insert the printable vinyl sheet into your inkjet printing machine. Ensure the vinyl is positioned such that the ink is printed on the matte side of the vinyl since wrong placing will lead to wastage. However, if you are unsure how the paper should face, run a check test using regular paper.

Proceed to print the image design you created in the editing program onto vinyl paper. Ascertain that your PC is configured to print to an inkjet printer. Locate and click File > Print on your designing software to send the job to your printer. Adjust your printer settings to a high-quality print mode to guarantee that your decal stickers appear as excellent as possible.

This vinyl’s top printed layer is more fragile than typical adhesive vinyl. The decal stickers will last roughly a year on their own, but they will not be as water-resistant. However, if they are protected with a transparent vinyl laminate, the decals can stay for up to five years and endure cleaning.

Step 3: Laminate Your Paper

This vinyl’s top printed layer is more fragile than typical adhesive vinyl. The decal stickers will last roughly a year on their own, but they will not be as water-resistant. However, if they are protected with a transparent vinyl laminate, the decals can stay for up to five years and endure cleaning. While this step is optional, it is essential for ensuring the durability and efficiency of your decal stickers.

To Apply a laminate over your decal sheet, place the sheet on a sturdy, flat surface and start peeling off the backing of your clear vinyl laminate, beginning from the edge. Align the laminate’s edge with the edge of your decal sheet and push it down gently to avoid wrinkles or air bubbles. Also, to achieve proper adhesion, press the laminate onto the vinyl paper using your fingertips. 

Furthermore, Smooth the laminate onto your sheet with a ruler, scraper, or any other straight and hard edge as you remove the paper backing away. You can burnish the laminate onto the printed vinyl using the same technique. This keeps the laminate in place while also removing any air bubbles.

Step 4: Cut Your Decal Stickers

This is the time-consuming step for making your custom decal stickers. The part could cause hand cramps or calluses on your fingers. However, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can pause if you get a migraine from straining or focusing too hard. Contrary to popular belief, smaller decal stickers are harder to cut and take longer to apply than larger ones.

The cutting stage allows you to be as creative as you wish. You may wish to round corners, disregard tiny details, or straighten edges while undertaking detailed labor. This is the final phase in the design process for inventive input.

To create perfect straight cuts, utilize a ruler and a craft knife. On the other hand, if your decal sticker features circular designs, cut them out with scissors or provide a square platform for the cutting process. Remove any extra paper scraps after cutting out all of your stickers. Also, if you commit an error when cutting, don’t fix it until you remove the template. 

Step 5: Apply Your Decal Sticker

Before applying, clean the area where you want to install your decal sticker. Remove the vinyl sheet’s backing and apply the decal on your preferred surface. Using two fingers, carefully pull back a corner of the backing until it’s fully removed from the sticker. To ensure the decal is properly applied, press firmly on it and rub it all over. Moreover, use a suitable application tool to burnish your decal sticker and smooth out any air wrinkles or air bubbles for durable results.


Any form of decal may readily combine a wide spectrum of inventiveness. Now that you have acquired the necessary knowledge for making decal stickers, it is time to put your creativity on the line. While the process may seem overwhelming, you can easily master it. You must regularly try out custom crafts and diligently follow the abovementioned steps. 

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