How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers

A projector is a vital device for the display and, mostly, playback of videos. But, the sound output is what can bring out a memorable cinematic experience. Though most projectors have built-in speakers, you can’t compare the sound quality with external speakers.

If you have external speakers for your projector, you must connect them appropriately. However, you can get sound from your projector to your speakers wirelessly or through a wired method. For active speakers, you need to use the right adapters and cables.

With passive speakers, you need an AV receiver or stereo amplifier. This article will take you through how to get sound from your projector to your speakers. Also, you’ll get directives if your projector doesn’t have an output connection type.

Types of Audio Connections

These are the audio connections to use when connecting your projector to speakers. This will help you know how to get sound from your projector to your external audio devices. Besides, if you are thinking of purchasing a projector, buy one with all these connectivity types. This will make things easy and fun.


Some projectors with optical output are usually connected to a soundbar. The sound experience is outstanding and even more quality than the RCA Bluetooth connection.

3.5mm Jack Inputs and Outputs

This is the typical type that any projector can support. You see the headphone jack on your smartphone; it looks like this type of connectivity. So, it is vital to confirm the type of connectivity on your projector.

Besides, some projectors have either an input or output 3.5mm jack, so keenness is essential. You won’t receive or send any audio if your projector has only one input type. Ensure your projector has two 3.5-mm jacks to support receiving and sending audio.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If your projector supports Bluetooth, it can easily connect with external speakers. Also, your speakers must have Bluetooth capability. Through Bluetooth, you can pair these two devices to enjoy the sound. The good thing is that you won’t have to purchase cables and other components. But audio connectivity via Bluetooth is lower quality than other connectivity options.

RCA Connectors

You can connect your projector (which must have RCA connectors) to stereo speakers. However, it would help if you had a cable for each speaker. If your projector has RCA video inputs, it is vital to confirm if it has one for composite video or three for component video.

Additionally, ensure it has input and output RCA connectivity when buying a projector. You can still send audio to your projector and hear it from your speakers.

Ways How to Get Sound from a Projector to Speakers

Ways on Get Sound from a Projector to Speakers

Do you want to get sound from your projector to speakers? Then, you must have basic knowledge of your two devices. This will help you understand the cables required if you are not using a wireless projector. This article elaborates on ways to route sound from your projector to your output devices.

Using Audio Cables

Let’s get to the process.

Turn off the Projector Together with the Speakers

Turning everything off before connecting your projector with the speakers is advisable. This is because you can get an electric shock when connecting this equipment.

Again, turning them off is a way of avoiding some damage. Another issue, you may get annoying sound feedback when setting up the speakers, so it is wise to turn them off.

Assembling Components

Do you have the speakers ready? Are you sure of the position you will place the projector in? Some things need to be ready. Again, you must be sure to connect the projector and the speakers directly or if a receiver is required.

Fortunately, a receiver will give you a variety of audio channels. Having an idea of all these will help you figure out the cables needed and how long it’ll take to complete the setup. Moreover, you must be of high quality to avoid an electric shock.

Check out the Projector’s Audio-out Jack

On your projector, you will note the audio jack. This is the location of the sound on your projector, just around the connection ports. Confirm if you can access the speakers through the audio jack. After this, it is time to plug in the projector and speaker using the cable.

The audio wire should be on the projector after hooking up the speakers. Always make sure the equipment is off to avoid being shocked. Then, connect the audio wire from the projector to the speakers. Don’t be in haste; you should ensure the audio is low as you turn it up according to your wish.

Turn on the Projector and Speakers (or Receiver)

After connecting everything, it’s time to turn these two pieces of equipment on. You can adjust the projector’s volume through the speaker. Secure the wires around the room to avoid damage, as you can accidentally pull the wires while moving around.

Troubleshoot the Audio Connection

If you find that the audio is not playing as your wish, it is wise to check out some errors. First, make sure the two devices are powered on. Sometimes, one may fail to plug in the devices after a busy day.

Also, check the labels to see if you have inserted the cables into the right ports. Still, you may have issues if your cords are too snug or not plugged in well. If all this doesn’t work, refer to the user manual or confirm if you have a defective device. Calling the manufacturer can be helpful.

How to Get Sound from a Projector to Speakers Through Bluetooth

Most individuals find Bluetooth speaker set up more efficient than wires and audio cords. Besides, if your projector is mounted on the ceiling, it can be a perfect way to connect it to an external speaker. Though most projectors are not wireless-ready, you can consider a Bluetooth transmitter.

Here is how you can effortlessly connect your speakers to your projector.

First, you must connect the Bluetooth transmitter through the projector’s port. After that, your projector can wirelessly send sound to your speakers. After this, you can connect your projector to your speakers through the signal receiver.

Still, you can consider buying an audio Bluetooth adapter if your projector can’t connect wirelessly. After connecting your speakers and projector, make sure you pair them. Again, ensure your two devices are communicating. If not, confirm this from the instructions given on the Bluetooth transmitter.

If it’s not pairing, you can switch off the Bluetooth and turn it on again to fix any pairing issues. Still, you can try re-pairing the transmitter. Wireless projectors are easier to connect through Bluetooth, but you must know how Bluetooth works if you already have a projector.


What can I interrupt to get sound from the projector to the speakers?

Endless reasons can make it hard for you to get sound from your projector to your speakers. Poor quality cables, bad connections, poor compatibility, the poor connection of cables, wrong input ports, software issues, and inappropriate sound and speaker settings.

What is the difference between passive and active speakers?

Active speakers got built-in amplifiers and did not require power to work. Again, they are heavy and are a bit expensive. On the other hand, passive speakers rely on external amplifiers. Moreover, they are light in weight and lower in cost.

How do I play sound through my projector?

Connect your computer and projector using an HDMI cable. The projector will display an HDMI port. Select your preferred HDMI port and click or press the “OK” button. Select the “control panel” and then “sound.” After this, you’ll see “playback.”

Can you connect speakers to a projector?

Yes, you can. There are multiple projectors on the market. Unfortunately, most are not equipped with great built-in speakers. But you can find a few with quality speakers, but they are expensive. This should not bar you from having an audio accompaniment for a thrilling movie experience or presentation.

You can invest in Bluetooth speakers and connect them to your projector. You will enjoy high-quality sound while having the freedom to place the speakers anywhere.

What is the difference between a soundbar and speakers?

Soundbars are easy to install compared to speakers. They are also cheaper, but the audio quality is not that good. On the other hand, speakers produce better quality sound. Again, they give you many options when you feel like upgrading your sound system.

Final Thoughts

Not all projectors are equipped with quality built-in speakers. So, purchasing external audio devices can be a great investment to guarantee loud, high-quality sound. The issue comes up during connectivity.

In this article, we have provided information on how to get sound from a projector to speakers. You can consider the different ways, depending on your projector. However, it is important to confirm the ports in your projector to hook up the right external audio devices.

Furthermore, some may require you to have a Bluetooth adapter or audio cable to enhance connectivity between your projector and speakers. Though it can be stressful, mastering every step can be fulfilling for a theater-like movie experience.

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