How to Clean iPad Screen & Device

The iPad is a crucial piece of electronic equipment that contributes to technological advancement in various sectors of the economy today. Illustrators, artists, teachers, graphic designers are the primary users of apple pads in their workstations. But why? With an iPad, you have a smartphone, a computer, sketching tool, and e-learning device; anyone can use them not only for communication or browsing.

Nevertheless, the iPad requires gentle treatment, usage discipline, proper cleaning regime, and maintenance so that it can serve you for a longer time. Gladly, to make everything more straightforward for you, this article will discourse how to clean an iPad screen. You also need to know the right tools to avoid damaging your expensive handset. We shall go deeper into what other iPad parts are practical for you to clean and how to do it.

iPad Protective Measures to Keep the Screen Safe and Clean

Firstly, you should get a suitable protective case specifically designed for the iPad from verified sources to secure the screen. If you must bring your iPad, protect it on public transport, workstations, places like trips, and libraries.

Similarly, you may consider having a suitable purse or handbag for your iPad and don’t use it in sanitary environments to minimize the chances of dropping it. Whenever your iPad gets dirt, apart from the screen, other eternal elements cleanable include; camera, speakers, charging ports, and cases.

What to Avoid When Cleaning iPad Screen

Avoiding Factors for Cleaning  iPad Screen

Apple makes the iPad screen a super quality that may create a deception or seem unbreakable but is still delicate, fragile electronic. Therefore, you need t handle it well with no moisture in your hands. When cleaning the iPad screen, avoid the following situations.

  • Cleaning using sprays. The apple support warns users against using any sprays on the ipad screens, whether abrasives, solvents, or aerosols. On the same note, they advise consumers to ensure no moisture gets close to the device opening as that would cause malfunctioning. If you must use the recommended ‘cleaner solution’, don’t spray directly but rather dump the lint-free cloth and use it.
  • Cleaning while Plugging in. According to apple, you should detach or disconnect any power cables when cleaning your iPad. That would protect power-caused predicaments on the device and yourself.
  • Not to clean using abrasive cloths, hand or paper towels. The iPad screen is coated with oleophobic that repels oils on your hands. Hard textured cleaning materials may damage the coating, and sooner or later, it loses effectiveness. Follow the instinct that warns you against using abrasive or hard textured clothing. Apple warns users about using abrasive or such clothing items to avoid damaging the device screen.

1. Wiping the iPad screen

Screen wiping is the primary method that is most advisable to use when cleaning your gadget. As a DIY process, wiping is correctly done in three gentle steps.

Step1: Disconnect any cables plugged in and turn off the device. Before wiping your iPad, disconnect the power cables or connection to other accessories. Press and hold down the power button, then swipe to turn on your iPad. All external power cables USB connection ports should be disconnected when cleaning.

Step2: wipe the screen using a dry lint-free cloth. Slow, circular motion, wipe the iPad screen with a dry soft, lint-free linen or microfiber cloth. The process eliminates oily smudges and fingerprint stains. The dry material is efficient because the iPad oleophobic screen coating repels oils.

Step3: Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the screen. If the stains remain, you can explicitly dampen the soft cloth with a cleaning solution for the iPad screen. Purchase from Amazon or verified seller. You can also pinch a humid breathe over the screen and wipe in a circular motion.

Note that opting to dampen the cleaning cloth is at your own risk. Again,  this should be your last option in cases where stains, smudges, and fingerprints are difficult to remove with a soft dry cloth. Although there are cleaning products specifically for iPad screens, Apple does not recommend using any such products. If so, wish to use a dump cloth, spray on the fabric, and not directly into your iPad screen. Any moisture oozing into your iPad opening would cause issues, and warrants would not apply to solve your woes.

2. Maintaining the iPad Screen Clean

This method describes crucial steps to ensure your device is always clean. You also clean it as it gets stained to prevent further issues.

Clean the iPad screen in indispensable circumstances

Do not clean your screen, by the way, or just because it’s long you last cleaned. But instead, clean when stains are disrupting your screen. Immediately clean your iPad whenever it gets into contact with dirt, soap, detergents, lotion, or acidic solutions before they stick or cause more harm. The device screen comes with a fingerprint-resistant coating that wears out over time. Thus, rubbing friction weakens and accelerates the layer diminishing.

Avoid Abrasives at All Costs

Abrasives like sand, hand cloth, and others coming into contact with your screen can scratch the screen. Such rough surfaces can corrode or cause screen breaking. Don’t get such abrasives to touch the screen as they will rub off the coating, and soon the sensitivity will deteriorate.

Protect the iPad from Liquids

Do not let harsh chemicals, moistures, or liquid get any close to your device openings. Moreover, aerosol sprays, solvents, acidic cleaners like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can bleach or corrode the screen coating.

Accidental Screen Wet

Lastly, immediately your iPad screen gets wet, whether while cleaning or not, detaches any cable connection and turns it off. Wipe the damp surface with soft dry linen and let it dry completely. You can switch it back on if you are sure no liquid got into the tablet through the opening and it’s dry.

Avoid using compressed air canisters or heat sources like microwaves and hairdryers to dry wet on your iPad. If you feel some liquid or moisture get into the iPad internals, put it into a sealable bag with silica gel packets. Seal the bag and leave it for at least 72 hours before turning it on.

Other Parts of the iPad Recommendable for Leaning

Your entire device externals need to remain clean to enhance performance. Therefore, we will briefly suggest best practices for cleaning other iPad parts, such as the camera, speakers, charging ports, and cases.

How to Clean iPad Camera

Cleaning the iPad camera is pretty simple. You will need a soft dry or slightly damp lint-free cloth. Rub gently for any specs or stains until the camera area is clean. The camera area is more delicate and pressure-sensitive. Therefore experts recommend cleaning the camera after cleaning the screen using the same clothing to be drier.

Apply minimum pressure on the camera, or the delicate lens would shuttle incorrectly. Keep any moisture from getting into openings around the camera area. Any pressure or pulling around that place can compromise the quality of the camera and the entire device’s performance.

How to Clean iPad Charging Ports

Charging ports accumulate dust particles, dirt, foodstuff, and other debris. Some get attached while using or attracted by electrostatic when charging near a dirty surrounding. You need to ensure no contaminants collect at the ports to avoid connecting the charger. Sometimes the iPad may not charge at all, leading to the replacement of the charging system.

Clean this iPad part using a stiff but soft-bristle or a slender wooden toothpick. Although this part is less likely to get damaged. Hence, it’s a safer bet to avoid using metal or plastic toothpicks because these cleaning materials can easily cause damage.

Get someone to hold a flashlight for you while you pick out any speck of material around the opening. So gently insert the pick into the port and remove both large and small particles.

How to Clean iPad Speakers

Finally, the last part this article covers is the speakers. If you are like me, who get motivation while listening to music, moves, and TV shows, then a clog on any one of the iPad speakers can nag you desperately.

Rub the speaker region using an unused soft-bristled toothbrush. Alternatively, you can load your electronic toothbrush with a new soft brush head. Brush the bristles around the lining of speaker crevices and blow specs that you can dislodge. You can also use painter tape to stick the specks to remove them.


Lastly, keep the iPad screen clean if you are an artist, illustrator, or enthusiast using the iPad for drawing, sketching, note-taking, or graphic designing. The most crucial thing is to protect your iPad from getting dirt accumulation. Cleaning is not the solution because the rubbing gradually hurts the iPad screen sensitivity. Fortunately, your expensive handset can serve you for decades if you follow the cleaning and maintenance tips discussed here.

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