Wordle was created by me, Jonathan Feinberg. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

This would have been completely impossible without the Java platform. In particular, I rely heavily on the Java2D API, the AWT Font stuff, the concurrency utils by Doug Lea, and everything Joshua Bloch has ever done!

Thank you, Martin Wattenberg, for the central idea of just throwing stuff at the screen until it fits. I raise my glass to the philosophy of “the dumbest possible thing that works.”

Thank you, Frank van Ham, for explaining hierarchical bounding boxes to me. Without that notion, this would have been too slow for interactive use.

Thank you, Katherine McVety, for your expert guidance about color and loving indulgence while I worked obsessively on this for two weeks.

Thank you,علیرضا فرخی, for your research and assistance in making Wordle look beautiful in Nastaliq scripts.

धन्यबाद, Eric Nedervold, for long and detailed email discussions about the rendering of Devanagari and for giving such careful attention to the results.

Thanks, Matt McKeon, for your wonderfully simple and obvious (in retrospect) solution to a vexing technical design problem.

Thanks, Jesse Kriss and Fernanda Viégas, for friendly testing and brainstorming. Fernanda, thanks especially for allowing me to destroy your Java plugin.

Asante, Mark Dingemanse, for your cheerful assistance in getting Wordle to speak in the extended ranges of Latin-derived alphabets.

Hvala lepa, Mitja Decman, for your interest and assistance in creating a Slovene stopword list.

Hvala vam, Marko Rakar for finding Marko Tadic and getting Croatian stopwords from him!

Dankon, Fabio Bettani, for your list of Esperanto stop words.

To Irina Ros, תודה רבה for Hebrew stop words.

Sağ olun, Mert Torun, for Turkish stop words and expertise.

Sağ olun, Mesut Aydemir, for many more Turkish stop words and great help tracking down a locale-dependent bug.

Gratias tibi ago, Evan Smith, for your list of Latin stop words.

Ďakujem, Brendor, for your list of Slovak stop words.

Recht schönen Dank, Michael Philippi, for your generosity in translating the Wordle FAQ into German. (Now using Google translate, but I’m still grateful.)

Muito obrigado, Pedro Homero Rodrigues, for your generosity in translating the Wordle FAQ into Portuguese. (Now using Google translate, but I’m still grateful.)

Molte grazie, Daniele Alano, for your generosity in translating the Wordle FAQ into Italian. (Now using Google translate, but I’m still grateful.)

To Paul Bukhovko, شكرا for your generosity in translating the Wordle FAQ into Arabic. (Now use Google translate, but I’m still grateful.)

Gràcies, Carlos Gimenez, and your students at Collegi Sant Gabriel de Viladecans, for providing Wordle with a list of Catalan stop words.

Thank you, Becky Foellmer, of Lakeview Jr. High, Downers Grove, IL. Your suggestion, concerning how to make Wordle safer for educational use, was on point.

Thanks, Glenn Shorten, Assistant Director of Technology for the Shelton School District, for his improvements to the FAQ concerning firewall configuration.

Bugfinders: Eric Wilcox, Bernard Kerr, Peeter Sällström Randsalu, Stephan Geue, Jacob Tardell, Drew Harry, John Cullen, Brian Clegg, Mark Cathcart, Tania Hunt, Shane Curcuru, Turadg Aleahmad, Mike Lindstrom, Ottó Oláh, Steven Woolley, Alistair McKinnell, Chris Searle, δασκαλάκος, Stuart Axon, Yuriy Opryshko, Greg Haines, and Kathleen DeWitt.


Most of Wordle’s character derives from the high quality of its TrueType fonts. All of Wordle’s fonts are created by independent typographers and are appropriately licensed for this use.

I’m on the lookout for suitably licensed fonts with extensive international character sets. Please contact me with suggestions.

Teen, Coolvetica, Expressway Free, Gunplay, Telephoto, Boopee, Primer Print Medium, Sweater School Rg, Gnuolane Free, Berylium, Duality, Kenyan Coffee, Sexsmith, Steelfish, Owned, Silentina Movie, Tank, Scheme, Headlight, Vigo, SuperclarendonRay Larabie
GentiumSIL International
BPreplay BoldGeorge Triantafyllakos, who went out of his way to make a version compatible with Wordle. Ευχαριστώ, George!
League Gothic, ChunkFiveThe League of Moveable Type
Loved by the KingKimberly Geswein
Goudy Bookletter 1911Barry Schwartz
Powell AntiqueDieter Steffmann
Alphabet Fridge Magnets All CapsDaniel Gauthier
King TypewriterUnknown author; obtained here.
JSL BlackletterJeff Lee
MPH 2B DamaseMark Williamson


HeatYoon Soo Lee
Chilled SummerKuler:
Blue Meets OrangeKuler: shiz0-media
Indian EarthyKuler: Pillai.SubbiahMuthus
FirenzeKuler: matthepworth
KindledKuler: monnacat
Shooting StarKuler: hitapillow
Organic CarrotKuler: blazingbunny
Milk PaintsKuler: dianesteinberg
MossKuler: franco_weezer


I use the famfamfam silk and mini icons, duh.

Other Software

Wordle depends on the fantastic jQuery Javascript library.

Thanks, Jonathan Neal, for your neat-as-a-pin jQuery browser detection plugin, which I use to hide irrelevant information in the troubleshooting FAQ.