Up In Arms

Up In Arms, Uhuru J. Aama I'm weary of asking myself the same questions. Why why why why why! Why, are we oppressed by the very perception of our color. Why, do we oppress ourselves by the very impression of our character? Why do they conveniently redefine the freedom, the justice and the equality so that they may indulge in the successes of our suffering? Why are we functionally excluded from the delivery of liberty, equality, and equity from an afrocentric perspective? Why do we seek respect and approval from they that oppress us? Why does opportunity escape us and hardship embrace us? Why is there a conspiracy to ignore our problems? and Why do we suffer when it becomes their problem? Why do we, from generation to generation ask ourselves the same questions? It's because, they tell us, we are not one, It is because, We tell us, we are not one. Don't perpetrate and propagate this lie. We are one, we are one, we are one, one African. Let there be no doubt Let us show that we are one It's time to take up arms. Let there be no doubt. Take your brothers' arms, take your sisters' arms Let's weave a strong thread, stratified by our diversity fortified by our adversity unified by our similiarity Let's weave a strong thread with a common goal. Let's weave a strong thread to be woven into the global fabric of humanity, to strengthen humanity, to invigorate humanity. Let's build a strong thread consisting of many fibers. Each fiber consisting of many peoples, brothers and sisters joining arms, Each fiber supported and guided by others Each fiber necessary for our intrinsic strength Each fiber beginning with you. 'Nuff talk, 'nuff talk. Don't stay back, take a stand, build a strand Let's make that rope its our only hope No more questions No more self oppression Let's weave a stronger procession I'm outta here, ujaama. Ashe! Uhuru 11 years, 5 months ago

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