GSEOK Leadership Message

(The What) These are exciting times in Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma as we make strategic choices to support our girls and the volunteers who lead and advise them. Through marketing and communication we will strive to ensure that parents are well aware of the powerful benefits of Girl Scouting and seek out these experiences for their daughters. We will serve collectively as a true voice for girls, utilizing their input and reflecting THEM. For financial stability, we will move from a culture that prides itself on “making do” with very little to one that prides itself for abundant contributions from stakeholders who see Girl Scouts as a critical needs organization. We know the lives of girls have changed markedly in recent years with increases in technology, extra-curricular activities, non-traditional families, and exposure to competing organizations. Thus, girls are experiencing a new kind of poverty---time poverty! However, we will be the organization they choose, because we choose to remain relevant to girls. We will give girls the experiences they want as they embark on a journey affecting their future. We will create an organizational structure that supports a cadre of volunteers who provide program options to girls in ways that THEY want to participate. A balance of continuous, flexible, and excellent learning opportunities and resources will prepare volunteers for their specific positions without overburdening them. We do value our volunteers and the time and talents they bring to our girls! (The Why) We believe that what we can do better than any other organization in Eastern Oklahoma is empower girls with vision and voice who command their future, engage their communities and inspire others. Girls will immediately recognize the moments that build their courage, confidence, and character. Girls will experience leadership. Girls will choose Girl Scouting! (The How) Volunteers, community leaders, and staff have worked together for four months to develop a strategy to create the innovative program opportunities girls want and energize the volunteer who makes these opportunities blossom in the hands of girls. We know where we are today and we know where we want to be in the future. However, there are gaps, obstacles to overcome, and each of you is invited to join us as we begin moving from the current state to the future state. (How Much) Starting with our “new beginning” on June 1, 2008, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma is now on the road to a vital and growing membership with strong community partners and visionary volunteers. Come with us as we leverage all of our resources and talent to provide the best possible experience for each and every one of our girls ... and for all those we have yet to reach. Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma 2432 East 51st Street Tulsa OK 74105 800-707-9914 918-749-2551 info@gseok.org www.GirlScoutsEastOK.org Follow me on Twitter Facebook Profile GSEOK Facebook Page: GSEOK Juliette Low Leadership Society Facebook Page: JLLS LinkedIn GSEOK Media Newsroom Find a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale! Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.imagirlscout 8 years, 3 months ago

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